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About Us - Introduction

The Canadian Continence Foundation was formed in 1986 to address the needs of consumers experiencing the different types of urinary and bowel incontinence. Until that point there was virtually no help or information available to the general public. And the need is great – there are over 3.3 million Canadians experiencing urinary incontinence.

The Canadian Continence Foundation strives to encourage consumers to seek help from a healthcare professional and not suffer in silence. We provide a wealth of information on incontinence, the causes of incontinence, how to manage incontinence and treatment options as we believe consumers are "taking charge of their healthcare" and information is power.

The Foundation is a national non-profit organization that is a registered charity.


To enhance the quality of life for people experiencing urinary and bowel incontinence by helping, them and/or their caregivers, to confidently seek and access cures, remedies and treatment options. To this end, the Foundation will implement and encourage important public and professional education, support, advocacy and research to advance our understanding the causes of incontinence, treatment and/or management.


Founded in 1986, The Canadian Continence Foundation (formerly The Simon Foundation for Continence Canada) is the only national non-profit organization serving the interest of people experiencing incontinence. The organization is led by people with incontinence and by professionals from all health disciplines. The Canadian Continence Foundation is supported by donations from the public healthcare professionals and private industry.


The Canadian Continence Foundation offers a wealth of information on incontinence. ”The Source” out continence guidebook, factsheets Books, videotapes, and newsletters are available. We operate a toll free number which is 1-800- 265- 9575.

Each year the Canadian Continence Foundation responds to thousands of requests for information and education from people experiencing incontinence, healthcare professionals, and industry.

The Foundation interacts with the media to increase public awareness and knowledge of incontinence and to encourage people to seek help. It also provides individuals with lists of specialists in their local area.

The Foundation initiated and now coordinates Incontinence Awareness Month in November of each year, promoting public and professional awareness-building and educational activities about incontinence around the country.

The Canadian Continence Foundation encourages and supports research to advance incontinence management/treatment.

About our Logo

This new logo is intended to be, above all, a symbol of hope for those who experience incontinence.

It has been formed from two graphic elements. The first is a letter C, the first letter of the word "continence", which has been rotated backward to form a "container", and which may also be seen as the top of a candle. The second is a "drop" shape which, because of its brush drawn form, resembles a flame.

Just as the candle has traditionally been seen as a source of warmth, guidance and hope so the Canadian Continence Foundation functions to support, assist and offer hope to those who experience incontinence and to their caregivers.

Contact Us
20 Crown Steel Drive, Unit 6
Markham ON L3R 9X9
Toll Free: 1-855-415-3917
Email: ccf at secretariatcentral dot com
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