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Board of Directors

Mr. Derick Fage - President

Derick Fage

Derick went public with his personal struggle of living with chronic fecal incontinence since birth in 2013. Since going public Derick accepted the role of ambassador and champion for the Canadian Continence Foundation in the hopes of helping others who are living with incontinence. Derick was the first non-medical professional and patient to be invited to speak at the International Continence Conference in its 45 year history.

A self- proclaimed child at heart, Derick is curious about everyone and everything, and it’s this very quality that engages viewers daily. Derick thrives on conveying what’s happening to viewers in a fun and informative manner. In January 2016 Derick accepted the role as Host of Breakfast Television Montreal on City. He’s extremely excited about his role and loves sharing his enthusiasm and energy with Montreal viewers.

Derick has been featured in a number of magazines including Capital Style, FACES Magazine, Ottawa at Home, Press the Fashion, Market Place, Pounou, Horizon Travel & Lifestyle, and Hello Canada.

In 2012, Derick was awarded with the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal for his continuing work in the community and his contributions to a number of charitable organizations.

Dr. Francis Davoine, PhD

Dr Francis Davoine

Dr Francis Davoine is an Associate Professor at Faculté saint-Jean, University of Alberta, where he teach human physiology and immunology. His research focuses on lung inflammation within the Pulmonary Research Group in the Department of Medicine. However, his interest in incontinence issues is related to his personal experience coping with incontinence and living an active life with a terminal ileostomy. Born in Saint-Jerôme, QC, Dr Davoine is the proud father of four children and enjoys skiing and outdoor life in Alberta where he lives since 2003.

Dr. Kathleen F. Hunter, PhD RN NP GNC(C) NCA

Dr. Kathleen F. Hunter

Kathleen Hunter is an Associate Professor with the Faculty of Nursing, University of Alberta with a joint appointment as Nurse Practitioner, Specialized Geriatric Services, Glenrose Hospital in the Continence Clinic. She originally graduated with a hospital diploma in nursing and after many years in clinical practice, with (quite) a few education breaks along the way, completed a PhD (Nursing) in 2006. She holds a Canadian Nurses Association certification in gerontological nursing and completed the Nurse Continence Advisor Program through McMaster University in 2012.

Kathleen’s clinical focus is gerontological and continence nursing, and she has worked with older adults in community, continuing care, hospital and outpatient settings. Research interests include lower urinary tract symptoms/incontinence in older adults, incontinence and falls and hospital transitions for older adults. She has published in peer reviewed research journals and has authored several book chapters related to continence. A member of the International Continence Society Nursing Committee (Chair, Research Subcommittee) until 2017, Kathleen was recently appointed Nurse Member of the ICS Scientific Review Committee (2016-2019).

She shares her home with two cats of questionable pedigree, both of whom go running when the grandchildren appear on the scene.

Dr. Bill Gibson, MBChB(MD) PhD MRCP

Dr Bill Gibson

Dr. Bill Gibson is a consultant geriatrician and assistant professor of geriatrics at the University of Alberta in Edmonton. He completed medical school and postgraduate training in internal medicine and geriatrics in Sheffield and South Yorkshire, UK, before moving to Canada in 2013 to undertake a PhD, examining the links between falls and lower urinary tract symptoms in older people. He has a significant clinical practice in incontinence and it forms the majority of his research portfolio.

Rosemary H McGinnis, RN, MHSc

Rosemary H McGinnis

Rosemary comes to us with 40+ years of nursing experience in the Atlantic Provinces and Western Canada, with a primary focus on bowel and bladder management.

Born in Norton, New Brunswick she received her nursing diploma from the Saint John General School of Nursing and subsequently a Master of Health Science from McMaster university with a focus on geriatric assessment and rehabilitation and prevalence of incontinence in primiparous women. She has experience with cancer practice change, product evaluation and standardization, long term care, and OR nursing.

She has extensive experience as a Continence Specialist and educator. She was introduced to urodynamics by Dr Said Awad, Department Head of Urology at Dalhousie University in Halifax Nova Scotia and operated three urodynamic clinics and co-authored several research papers. She set up the urodynamic clinic in the Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology at the Calgary General Hospital in Alberta. Most recently, she was an expert content contributor for the development and implementation of the Alberta Health Services Urinary Catheter Clinical Care Topic published in July 2019.

She participated in the evolution of home health nursing practice in the Calgary Zone from a learning, coaching and facilitation perspective. Recently, retired from her full-time position as Nursing Practice Specialist with Alberta Health Services, Rosemary is currently providing coaching, mentoring support and training on facilitating practice change.

Rosemary sings in 2 choirs, travels with her husband of 30 years and enjoys visits with her stepson and grandchildren.

Katherine Burt, RN, RGN (UK) BScN

Katherine Burt

I completed my Registered Nurse training in the UK in 1989 and went on to work in acute medicine in a hospital in northern England. After meeting my Canadian husband in 1993 I continued to work at my local hospital and later travelled to Canada for a prolonged stay where I volunteered at a number of healthcare facilities. During this time I completed my RN exams in Ontario and subsequently carry registrations in both the UK and Ontario. After marrying in 1995 I again worked in the UK, this time in southern England where I met a group of nurses who oversaw the Continence Advisory Service. It wasn’t long before I became part of their team and became passionate about continence care, and completed my post registration diploma at Southampton University. The passion for bladder and bowel health has remained with me my entire career, I believe education, knowledge and understanding are significant in ensuring associated stigmas are addressed. On returning to Canada in 2005 I worked in LTC where again my passion assisted me in developing programs for those effected by incontinence. In 2010 an opportunity arose in private industry, and I made the move to work for SCA, now Essity a global leader in health and medial solutions. During my time at Essity I have completed my BSc and am currently working toward my MSc which is largely focused around continence care. As of 2019 I took the role of clinical leader for a team of clinical advisors who oversee lymphology and advanced wound care, while I myself continue to oversee continence care programs and in particular how industry can support in partnership across sectors.

Nucelio Lemos, MD, PhD

Nucelio Lemos

Nucelio Lemos underwent his medical graduation, as well as his Gynecology, Urogynecology and MIS training and PhD in Gynecology in Sao Paulo Brazil and attended a Fellowship in Pelvic Neurodysfunctions by the International School of Neuropelveology in Zurich, Switzerland.

Upon returning to São Paulo, he funded the Pelvic Neurodysfunction Clinics of the Department of Gynecology of the Federal University of São Paulo, which he still currently chairs and where he develops extensive research and teaching of all fields of Neuropelveology: treatment of Intrapelvic Nerve Entrapments and Neuropathic Pain of Intrapelvic Etiology; Knowledge Tranfer in Nerve-Sparing Radical Pelvic Procedures (including endometriosis and pelvic malignancies); and rehabilitation of paraplegic patients through the Laparoscopic Implantation of Neuroprosthesis.

He is past Chairman of the Scientific Committee of the International Continence Society (2013-2016) and Founding Member and past Chairman of the Scientific and Education Committee of the Latin American Pelvic Floor Association (ALAPP; 2014-2019). He is also a Founding Member and Second Vice-President of the International Society of Neuropelveology.

As of January 2017 he has been recruited as Associate Professor at the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Toronto, where he has started the Pelvic Functional Surgery and Neuropelveology Clinic, at the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology of Mount Sinai and Women’s College Hospitals where he continues to develop the research started in Brazil.

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